Abandoned after Christmas

Staging a silent protest in the middle of Christmas.

Every year, animals are given as Christmas presents. But after the holidays, many become unwanted and are abandoned. 

We chose to make the public aware of this distressing truth, in the middle of the blissful pre-Christmas atmosphere, with installations representing every single abandoned animal.

Role | Concept, Art Direction

The online film was posted to PETA’s social channels on the run up to Christmas.


Client: PETA Deutschland e.V. Agency: Serviceplan Campaign International Hamburg
Managing Partner: Markus Kremer, Thomas Heyen
Design Director: Sebastien Stabenau
Art Director: Philipp Trübiger, Svea Drechsler
Conceptualist: Daniel Hill
Copywriter: Niklas Scholz
Final Art Specialist: Nils-Christian Sperling
Account Director: Lisa Artaker 
Junior Account Manager: Mariah Kattmann
Photography: Jan Hütz
Director: Justus Becker
Director of Photography: Jasper Engel
Grading: Benjamin Behre
Music: DamienDamien
Production Assistant: Madeline Pfisterer