Beck’s Green Label

Make it your Beck's

As part of Beck’s 2018 integrated campaign, we gave the consumers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to design their own Beck’s bottle.

We released an unseen packaging with a blank green label to give them an empty canvas. 

The 8 million printed green bottles led to the next step of the activation which was ‘Your Beck’s Label’. 

Role | Art Direction

Your Beck’s Label

A user-friendly web app was created for the public to download and design their own Beck’s label with the help of 50 custom-made background designs, icons, and a specially designed Beck’s typeface. In the end, 40 designs were chosen and printed on millions of Beck’s bottles.

Gegen Braune Flaschen

Getting Beck’s out of the wrong hands

In the summer of 2018, while Beck’s called for a label design contest, the media spreads a disturbing photo from Eastern Germany where right-wing protests turned violent. Unfortunately, in the middle of the photo: a Beck’s promo bottle.

How could we guarantee that Beck’s never gets into the wrong hands again?

We pre-released one fan’s label design, whose strong message promoted our own beliefs.

Role | Art Direction