Hi, I’m Danny.

I’m a multi-disciplinary creative from Scotland, currently living and working in Hamburg.

Most Scots love a good story, and I enjoy telling them.

But that’s not all. I have a passion for bringing fun, bold and brave ideas to life.

So when I’m not on a (colder-than-it-looks) beach, eating olives, I love getting my teeth into meaningful projects, tackling tricky problems, and making brand-shaping work that’ll turn heads or scrolling stop.

Here you’ll find a selection of projects that brought a smile to my face to work on.

And because most Scots also love a pint, if we ever find ourselves in a pub together, I’m sure there’ll be another story to tell.

Cannes Lions
Bronze Lion (BMW – City of no cars)

Wood Pencil (Billy Boy – Love Crossings)

ADC Germany
Silver (VZHH – Equalicare)
Bronze (BMW – City of no cars)
Bronze (Beck’s – Gegen braune Flaschen)
Bronze (Billy Boy – Love Crossings)
Merit (BMW – City of no cars)
Merit (Beck’s – Gegen braune Flaschen)
2x Merit (BMW – The 4)

ADC Global
Bronze Cube (BMW – City of no cars)
Bronze Cube (PETA – Abandoned after Christmas)
2x Merit (BMW – City of no cars)
Merit (PETA – Abandoned after Christmas)
2x Merit (BMW – The 4)

New York Festival
Silver (Beck’s – Soundpils)
Bronze (Beck’s – Soundpils)
Bronze (BMW – City of no cars)
Finalist (BMW – City of no cars)
4x Finalist (VZHH – Equalicare)
Finalist (BMW – The 4)

New York Festival
2021 Grand Jury – Film Craft

Die Klappe
Bronze (BMW – The 4)

Golden Award of Montreux
2x Gold Medal (Billy Boy – Love Crossings)

Cresta Awards
Silver (Beck’s – Gegen braune Flaschen)

Spotlight Festival
Bronze (Beck’s – Gegen braune Flaschen)

Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation
Campaign of the year / NGO (VZHH – Equalicare)
Winner (VZHH – Equalicare)
Winner (Beck’s – Gegen braune Flaschen)

MAX Awards
Bronze (Beck’s – Mach’s zu deinem Beck’s)

IPA Awards 2016
Best Achievement – Concept Creation

Young Lions Germany
Finalist in Film

Red Dot Design Award
Winner (VZHH – Equalicare)
Winner (BMW – City of no cars)

The British Arrows
2x Silver (BMW – City of no cars)

Clio Awards
Silver (BMW – City of no cars)
Bronze (BMW – City of no cars)

Lovie Awards
People’s Choice (Beck’s – Gegen braune Flaschen)
2x Bronze (Beck’s – Gegen braune Flaschen)

Mobius Awards
Second Place (VZHH – Equalicare)

AME Awards
2x Finalist (VZHH – Equalicare)
2x Finalist (Beck’s – Gegen braune Flaschen)

PHNX Tribute
Bronze (VZHH – Equalicare)

European Excellence Awards
Winner (VZHH – Equalicare)

Deutscher Digital Award
Silver (Beck’s – Gegen braune Flaschen)

Digital Communications Award
Winner (VZHH – Equalicare)

COMM Awards
Silver (Beck’s – Gegen braune Flaschen)

Annual Multimedia Awards
Gold (Beck’s – Gegen braune Flaschen)